If you love getting back to nature and seeing wildlife nothing really beats living here, that's for sure. Whenever wild turkeys wander through the neighborhood or a deer appears in the backyard we are reminded that wherever we live in Maine, we're pretty much living in the woods, bub.

A great place to see many of our wild neighbors all in one spot is the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. After being closed for the winter, it was scheduled to re-open this Saturday at 9:30am. As you can imagine, the cold and snow that we had this week hasn't been helpful in being able to welcome visitors by this weekend.

But fear not. We still don't have to wait very long to get back and see some amazing Maine critters. If you have Patriots Day off, you're good to go. That is now the opening day. The wildlife park posted this announcement on their Facebook page.


In case you aren't familiar, this isn't a zoo. It's a very special sanctuary run by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

It's so great to be able to see everything from moose and black bears to fish and birds and more. All in an environment as close to their natural habitat as can possibly be. The park is also hosted by wardens who are happy to answer any questions about the great outdoors in Maine and where all the wild things are.

Maine Wildlife Park via Facebook
Maine Wildlife Park via Facebook

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