The internet has been cranking out very funny memes of a bundled-up Bernie Sanders sitting at the inauguration yesterday. We've been seeing them left and right on social media all day long.

He has hilariously been plunked into everything from famous album covers to famous scenes from Game of Thrones and Forest Gump. Now how cool is it, that I just put Senator Sanders in front of my home in Westbrook?

We can put the Vermont Senator and former Presidential candidate anywhere we want with this wicked cool site called Bernie Sits. It was created by a magical human named Nick Sawhney.

This is too fun and easy to do. Simply type in an address or location and hit submit. Then in just moments, Bernie will suddenly appear in one of your favorite Maine locations or anywhere you would like him to be wearing that sensible winter parka and those truly badass mittens. I want some!

Like for instance upta Bangor in front Paul Bunyan.

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Or how about at the Portland Museum of Art?

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And of course we have to put Bernie at Maine's most famous place to take a selfie, Portland Head Light.

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Okay one more then you try it. We gotta send Bernie upta Bean's. He might wanna find another pair of sweet wool mittens.

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I could and have literally been doing this for hours now. I gets quite addicting and after all, a little bit of bundled-up Bernie everywhere is a good thing.

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