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Now that the summer season is slowly kicking in around here, we want to make sure visitors from away understand what's expected before the arrive. We came across this spot-on list of 10 rules for tourists to go over (and hopefully agree to) before they invade Vacationland.

It was very cleverly written by Maine's own Stephen LaPointe on his Facebook page just before Memorial Day Weekend last year and it's too good not bring back. Well done, bub. This is wicked funny stuff right heah!


Now that we got rules laid down for summah visitahs', let's give 'em a lesson on how to talk like us.  It’s important to instruct these folks on the proper way to use this popular New England word in a sentence. 

For instance, saying something is wicked might be interpreted as being bad. In Maine when we use the word wicked, it's to emphasize another word instead of words like very or really.  "That's wicked decent!" Translation: That’s really decent!

These two Downeast knuckleheads are here to explain the proper use of the word, ‘wicked’ with their Maineglish instructional video. Meet Chipper and Randy from Glenburn  (up neah Bangor, guy). These friggin’ guys are hilarious! They are the Wayne and Garth of Maine.

Now watch the video and “say it right!”

Here's an even more in-depth examination of sounding like a Mainer. This video is here to "teach people how to talk good"...wicked good that is. He's no old timah. But he sure does get it. The vernacular (or should we say vehnackulah?) he focuses on is the one heard in Downeast Maine.

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