The latest addition to my spring wardrobe arrived yesterday, my very own Blimpstock t-shirt.

I actually bought two, one to wear and the other to become part of my concert shirt collection.

Blimpstock was an amazing experience and it scratched that itch for live rock n' roll and a feeling of camaraderie. Even though we weren't standing in line for a beer or porta-potty, just knowing we were listening together did my heart some good.

Were you in the crowd with us? You should get a Blimpstock t-shirt right now. They are limited edition and a piece of Maine rock history.

Blimpstock was the only spring concert of 2020, let everyone know you were there for the epic 12-hour event on BLM.

Not only will you look good in the latest BLM t-shirt, but you'll feel good too. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Good Shepherd Food Bank who is working so hard to meet the needs of hungry Mainers. You guys are always asking for BLM t-shirts, here's your chance to collect a super-rare one that your grandkids will fight over.

Blimpstock t-shirts come in men's and women's sizes and there are three colors to choose from. Looking for some free Blimpstock merch? Download your Blimpstock ticket here. Print out the awesome Blimpstock poster here.

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