Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row is hosting a gritty blues night to remember when Joe Bonamassa takes the stage Sunday night, July 28.

Win tickets to see THE most amazing guitarist that I've ever seen live by playing "Name That Riff" all this week with the BLM Morning Show. It's easy-peasey; we play a guitar riff, you tell us what song it's from and who plays it to win tickets.

I stumbled upon Joe Bonamassa thanks to Maine Public Television, who was doing one of their fundraisers a few years back. They ran his live show and then we got a C.D. of it for making a donation.

I was freaking mesmerized by him and couldn't believe that I had never heard of JOE BONAMASSA. Yes, he deserves all caps.

Here he is live:

Check out this bad-ass blues guitarist and singer courtesy of the Captain and Celeste by playing "Name That Riff" this week.

You can also get tickets to his big show here.

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