Yup, it's still warm and summery out there this week. But, I don't know if you noticed. The leaves are already showing up on the front lawn. It's Fall in New England. It's actually Fall everywhere. However, it's an extra special time round here. The summer visitors have gone home to Jersey or Connecticut or wherever. Their cottages are closed up for the season. Now as the colorful foliage starts to emerge, we locals brace ourselves for the next round of invaders.

Maybe more terrifying than any killer clown or walking dead...Beware the LEAF PEEPERS!

"Watch in horror as they descend on farm stands, outlet malls, and Yankee gift shops."


New Hampshire humorist, Fred Marple got some naybuhs together in the underappreciated town of Frost Heaves and put together this wicked funny video a few years back. Thanks everybody! We can relate for sure.

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