When a longtime Blimpster calls in to request Something For Everybody by Bill Chinnock, we usually go to the original vinyl. The Badlands release from Atlantic is a bit too slick-up for a lot of us. So, we tend to go back to the version that was played on WBLM in starting in 1977 and leading up to Bill's major label deal in 1978.

I have very fond 11 year old memories of standing in front of my mirror and singing "something for young and old...streets a paved with money, sidewalks paved in gold" into a hairbrush along with Bill while listening to the Blimp.

Yup we still have it and have preserved it as best we can since the trailer days of the 1970s in Litchfield.  Sure there are some pops and crackles as well as cue burn at the beginning of some tracks. That's ok though. These are signs of a well-loved recording.

Well now we are especially happy here at the Blimp to be able to play that original North Country Records release on CD. And now you can get your own copy too! Bill Chinnock forever!

Here's more from our friends at Bull Moose.
"Officially licensed from Bill's family.

Out of print since 1977 and remastered on CD for the first time ever, Bill Chinnock's original Badlands on North Country Records will be available this summer featuring brand new cover art. Pre-order your copy now!

We’re very excited to announce that Bill Chinnock’s original Badlands is being remastered and re-released in 2019! This album was initially released in 1977 under Bill’s own label, North Country Records. Shortly after the album’s debut, however, a fierce battle was ignited amongst major record labels with the goal of signing Bill. After much competition, Bill ended up signing with Atlantic Records.

Instead of continuing production of the original 1977 release, Atlantic’s goal was to re-record Badlands with studio musicians and alter the sound of the production to their liking. In addition, Atlantic pulled all the retail copies of North Country Record’s Badlands wherever they could find them. This made it far more difficult for fans to find the original. The new, Atlantic version of Badlands was released in 1978. After fans heard the new album, they were disappointed with the record label’s overproduction of the “raw and gutsy” sound which embodied the original 1977 release under Bill’s own label.

Fans have been requesting the release of the original Badlands for many years. We’re very excited to announce the newly remastered version of North Country Record’s Badlands on CD. Having not been available since 1977, this is something that we know fans will be very excited to hear!"

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