It was a very good week of Maine vanity plates captured by Morgan and his crew at Vanity of Maine on Instagram. Morgan is a blessing. He spends most of his days tooling around Maine looking for the weird, wacky, insightful and often profane things people put on their Maine license plates. And because you can say ANYTHING you want (in 7 characters) Maine plates have become some of the most colorful in the world. Here are our faves from this past week:

We love our Maine-crafted IPA brewskis as well. Let's get some more love for Maine craft beers on out vanity plates!


The plural of Moose is Meese? Hmmmm


This is either a description of how this dude drives or what he likes to smoke with. Maybe both.


One day at a time baby. One day at a time.


A clear #1 (or should we say #2)  pick by the judges this week. A sure-fire way for people to get the hell out of your way when you are on the roads.

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