According to WGME, learning how to sea kayak or getting a very cool guided paddling trip, is a pay what you can adventure right now through Portland Paddle.

Most families and individuals are at home, and with a little time on our hands it's an excellent opportunity to learn how to kayak. With most summer camps closed, this could be a great family activity as well. A guided paddling tour of the Maine coast is a daydream that I had in February. Dreams do come true. Portland Paddle is taking bookings through June 30th, so sign up now.

Portland Paddle is trying to stay afloat, (sorry about the pun), so buy a graduate a gift card or get one for dad for Father's Day. Operating on the honor system is an opportunity for them to make some money and stay running, and it's a great way to socially distance while enjoying fresh air and some exercise. It's also a remarkable experience.

Kayaking is a sport that lends itself to social distancing but Portland Paddle will be minimizing the exposure to staff and guests by following CDC guidelines.

With that in mind they ask that you:

  • Please stay home if you aren't feeling well or if you have recently been around someone who is sick
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a face mask
  • Visitors to Maine are not allowed to paddle with P.P. unless they have observed a 14-day quarantine required by the state of Maine

Visit the Portland Paddle website for their calendar and to get details and to sign up for their special offer to pay what you can.

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