I'm not sure why this year I have become more sensitive to what memorial Day is, but I'm glad. For some reason it hit me, how important this day is to so many who have lost a soldier. How many soldiers we have lost. I'll admit, I was confused about Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. Here's what they mean, Veteran's Day celebrates those who have served. Memorial Day is more somber, remembering those we have lost. It is not a happy day. Check out this video of a soldier standing at attention for about 6 hours during the Rolling Thunder Parade in D.C..

Very intense. Today, and whenever you have the chance, remember those who died serving our country, think about the family and friends missing them. If you are at a parade do not say, "Happy Memorial Day" to a veteran. Instead, thank them for their service or smile, and know that they have most likely lost comrades. Cheery well wishes are out of place.

Here are some ways to show respect:

  • If you know a veteran, or family of one, call to say thank you.
  • Tweet! Use  #wearegrateful and they will be printed and distributed to soldiers worldwide
  • Write a letter to someone who is actively serving
  • Fly a flag with respect and pride at your home or workplace
  • Pray for families that have lost a child, spouse, or parents protecting our rights. The grieving does NOT stop.
  • If you own a business, offer a discount to veterans
  • Offer to help  a family who has a loved one who is serving. Do yard work, paint a fence, plant flowers.
We here at WBLM do remember, from the bottom of our hearts we are grateful for the sacrifice of soldiers and the people who love them.

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