Drive-Ins seem to be disappearing more and more over the years, but luckily for us, some remain in the state of Maine. I used to love going to the drive-in to catch a double feature, but to be honest, sometimes it was a struggle to stay up to watch all of the second movie.

One thing that I learned to always bring to a drive-in was jumping cables, yes, I found this out the hard way. The worst part was when I chose to shut off the car not long after being jumped, and then had to wait until everyone left to get another jump. Granted that was not a fun time, but being able to relax in the car and watch either newer movies or some of my favorites was always a good time (not to mention, I always felt like I was in a scene from "Grease".

With winter coming soon, drive-ins are preparing to close. Prides Corner Drive-In in Westbrook, Maine, is no exception. Before they close for the year, they will be holding their 3rd annual Christmas Classic Trio.

If you are a fan of Christmas movies, this is a great opportunity to cozy up with blankets and loved ones to watch some of your favorites.

Prides Corner Drive-In posted on Facebook, stating that the weekend after Thanksgiving (November 25th and 26th) they will be screening 3 holiday favorites.

One screen, three amazing movies. Prides Corner Drive-in will start off the night by screening  “The Polar Express” followed by “Elf” and finally “Christmas Vacation”.

Granted they will be open on November 25th & 26th, Prides Corner Drive-In will not be open the weekends of the 11th &12th and 18th & 19th.

You can find ticket information for the Christmas Classic Trio as well as more about Prides Corner Drive-In here.

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