We remember an epic night of classic rock concert films that your friends at the Blimp hosted 25 or so years ago at the drive-in. Was it the the one in Saco? That's what we're thinking.

Anyhow. We were rocking out next to our cars way back. Many, many summers before we had to with social distancing. It was a double-feature with Woodstock and Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains The Same.

The energy with a bunch of Blimpsters in the lot that night was electric. It really felt almost like seeing an outdoor show. And when the close-ups of the performers appeared on the giant screen, it was delightfully frightening. Maybe that was just my medicine kicking in?

This weekend, Blimpsters can experience the wicked fun we had back then, once again. The Song Remains The Same returns to the big screen.

Let's get a front row seat for Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones and party under the stars with live Led Zeppelin from Madison Square Garden in 1973.

The 1976 concert film with wild fantasy sequences starring Led Zeppelin will be shown on Friday August 7 and Saturday August 8. Both showings start around dusk at Prides Corner Drive-In on 651 Bridgton Road in Westbrook, Maine according to their Facebook page.

This'll get you pumped. Watch this sick clip from the movie with Zep rocking 'The Ocean' of fans at MSG in '73.

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