A few days ago I spotted this car in the school parking lot and had a very strange reaction to it. My first thought was, "WOW! Look at all of those cute, white stuffies!" I had to get a closer look.

Creeping up on someone's car to look into the windows feels very much like peeking into a stranger's baby carriage. You just might be overstepping some boundaries. But the pull to explore was stronger than my shame at being discovered, so I casually made my way to check out the menagerie.

First of all, these stuffies appear to be well cared for and clean. There was no reason to report any type of abuse. The next thing that I noticed is that they block almost the entire window, that seems a bit dangerous to me. Then I wondered what kind of person collects stuffies in the rear window of their car. Do they spend a lot of time arranging them? I noticed that they are all looking out the window. It's interesting to me.

I also wondered if this is a Maine thing, turns out that it's a national phenomenon. This guy is next level.


Do you or someone you love have stuffed animals in their rear window? If so, why?  Not judging, just curious. Comment on our Fan Page.

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