The tour kicked off last week in Nashville and it makes its way to Portland, Maine next week. Sebastian Bach is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Skid Row self-titled debut album released at the beginning of the end of the Eighties, in January 1989.

WBLM played tracks from the now classic hair metal masterpiece when it was new and still today. We are wicked pumped to rage with Sebastian Bach and his band on September 11th at the amazing venue, Aura on Center St. in Portland! 

Who's ready to sing along with one of the most powerful metal voices ever to I Remember You, 18 & Life, Youth Gone Wild and more at the top of their lungs? Let's do this!

In case you are wondering, according to a recent article on the Ultimate Classic Rock website Sebastian Bach did want his original Skid Row band members on the road with him to mark the 30 years.

"After announcing his tour, Bach said he wanted his former Skid Row colleagues to join him on the road. “We all know who the five guys are that made that record,” he explained. “I have an open invitation out to any of those guys, if they would like to get onstage and jam.” While he admitted he didn’t foresee it happening, he continued: “I’m throwing it out there. The bottom line is you only get so many 30 years. It doesn’t roll around too often, a 30-year anniversary. So, would I like to celebrate it with the original members? … Who knows if I’m gonna get hit by a truck tomorrow? So we’re kind of, like, getting older now. So we can either shit or get off the pot, I think the saying goes.”


Check out "I Remember You" last year at Aura! Sounds f-in' great!

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