According to the Portland Press Herald, it could soon be against the law to use any hand-held devices such as cell phones while driving. Many other states already have this law in an effort to lessen distracted driving deaths.

Under the bill that just passed, a first offense violation would carry a $75 fine, $150 for a second offense within three years and license suspensions for repeat offenders. Maine will be the 16th state to ban hand-held devices if the bill passes into law, and Massachusetts and Rhode Island seem close behind.

According to the Maine State Police, distracted driving is the cause of about 14,400 crashes a year in our state and that there are approximately 3000 deaths caused by distracted driving nationally every year.

There are arguments against the law that include concerns over the ability of doing business and pointing out that the cell phone is only one of many distractions that drivers contend with.

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