The Patriots being in Super Bowl 53 makes it extra-special to Mainers, but let's face it, no matter who plays- we party. Is it time for a new national holiday? Super Bowl Monday has a nice ring to it.

The Monday after a Super Bowl is awkward for many workplaces. Do you cancel Monday morning meetings? Who is even going to show up for work? Not just in your office, but at the other businesses that you interact with. According to, our productivity at work just plummets on the Monday after the big game. A lot of the lost productivity is due to "post Super Bowl fatigue". This flattering term encompasses hangovers and being tired from staying up watching the post game show and arguing on social media.

In a survey, over a third of the people that took part in it said that they don't expect to make it into work tomorrow. Thirty five percent said they'll make it in, but don't expect much. This post-Super Bowl fatigue situation is a real blow to employers, costing them about $3 billion dollars in lost productivity.

The financial pain is so real that last year Kraft Heinz proposed designating the date as a national holiday.

Will you be going to work, or dragging at work tomorrow if you do go? Should there be a Super Bowl Monday national holiday? Take our poll and comment on our Fan Page.


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