Our ultimate Pats fans Fitzy and Francis made it to Atlanta for Superbowl weekend. Naturally their first stop was at a Dunkin' to recharge with some iced coffees after the trip down from Boston.

Who do they see when they get inside that familiar place that gives them a little taste of New England while they're in South? Well, a couple of Rams fans of course.

Do Fitzy and Francis ignore them and go about their Dunkies business? Hell no! They plop right down at the table and the insults start flying.

Like this one from Fitzy...

"Your coach is 33. Does he ever stop practice to check Facebook and Instagram?"

The Rams fan's response?

"Your coach is 66. Do they have to stop practice so he can watch Jeopardy and drink Ensure?"

In the end after all the barbs are launched back and forth, the are able to find one thing that gives them common ground.

Watch the whole epic roast and laugh yer Pats lovin' butt off! BEAT LA!!

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