Up here when you need to haul your snowmobile and you don't have a proper trailer or even just a pickup truck, no friggin' problem dude. Just stuff 'er right in the ol' hatchback.

Safe to say, most of us have without trucks have loaded some interesting items into the back of our vehicles. Cause let's face it. Sometimes when you need to borrow your neighbors truck, it's not available and you need to get it done.

Check out this unique example of a Mainer who is willing to improvise seen recently in Auburn. This wicked funny photo capture is courtesy of Shawn Ashley from Lisbon.

According to his Facebook post, the picture of a snowmobile hanging out of the back of a rig was taken at the Walmart in Auburn.

So whaddya think? Is this wicked dumb or wicked smart? We gotta believe that's good way to mess up the interior.

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