It is officially summer today! With mostly sunny skies in Blimpville and highs near 80, we're off to a great start!  Maybe an afternoon rain shower though. Thursday is the pick of the litter this week with boundless sunshine, humidity pretty much outta here and nice warm temps. We are however entering into the time of year when lightning shows up more frequently. That’s right, boom, boom season is back!

Hillbilly Weatherman Facebook

Hillbilly Weatherman Facebook
Here’s the hilarious over-the-top SEVERE WEATHER ALERT for NH he sent out a couple years back. We love some good summah thundah boomahs but “for god’s sake stay the ‘F’ indoors!” Play this for your friends and share it around when the next round comes our way.

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Warning: If you are easily offended by f-bombs, don’t watch this video! If you aren’t, you will laugh wicked hard, bub.

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