Cumberland County Civic Center

Blimp Time Hop: First Shows For "Van Hagar" In Portland
33 years ago, the die-hard VH fans of Portland Maine got to witness the greatness of live ‘Van Hagar’ for the first time! Eddie, Alex, Michael, and new guy Sammy brought the 5150 tour to the Civic Center for 2 nights on August 23 & 24 1986. The opener was Bachman-Turner Overdrive. …
Blimp Time Hop: Doobie Bros at the Civic Center In '78
41 years ago today, The Doobie Brothers came to the Civic Center on the brink of their massive success Minute By Minute. On August 23, 1978, this was their first Maine show. It was a sold-out night in Portland on the Livin’ on the Fault Line tour.
Blimp Time-Hop: Styx Live At CCCC In '78
41 years ago today, Styx rocked a sold-out show at the Civic Center in Portland. Their second Maine appearance was surrounded by the excitement of their mega-album, The Grand Illusion and an upcoming new album.

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