Here is a fabulous example of Yankee ingenuity and excellent use of Duck Tape! I took this picture last week in a parking lot, they even tried to match their car's paint color! After a very successful "Tribute to WD-40," I was moved to put up a " Tribute to Duck Tape." Want to check out some cool crafts, repair information and projects? Here they are! Below is a picture of my latest Duck Tape project!


These are real pieces of furniture in the Blimp studio that I have reupholstered using flame Duck Tape! I found the blue chair outside of One City Center, it was marked to go to the dump. I quickly wheeled it back up to the third floor and put it in the BLM studio. One man's trash truly is another man's treasure because this is our best chair. I spent about half an hour on this project. I did have to make a quick repair to the stool and used a BLM bumper sticker to add some interest to the piece. Do you have a great Duck Tape story? Did you save your sinking ship?, fix your broken car or broken bone? Did you MacGyver some plumbing? Tell us all about it on our Fan Page!

A fan of the throw-back silver,





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