In a Facebook post over the weekend, we got the news we've been waiting for as we get closer to full-on winter.


Now that some of us in Northern New England already have snow and all of us will before we know it. It's a huge relief to hear that our favorite weather forecaster will soon be telling it like it is with his foul-mouthed reports.

Because, let's face it. The tough winters in Maine and New Hampshire generally make us mad. And when we're mad we spit cuss words at the sky with our fists in the air.

So it's always refreshing to hear the storm predictions...

"delivered in a way you're just not getting on TV. Direct and to the point, with a Northeastern flair."

Adam Evans is from Francistown, NH. He's a hard-working family man. Somehow he finds the time in his busy day to head into his home studio and put together videos to tell us when and what to expect

He also balances out the naughty words with a message to "fight the good fight, help out when ya can" and "have a good day" at the end of each and every report.

Since 2015, his yankee humor and no-hold-barred delivery has gained him thousands of fans all over Blimpville and beyond. We're glad he's decided to come back and you'll see and and hear him again this winter right here and on the radio at WBLM.

Here's the last time we got a forecast from The Hillbilly Weatherman early this past year. He makes sure to honor heroes whenever possible. Before this report, he pays tribute to a firefighter, Captain Joel Barnes of Berwick. Yes, he's crude when it come to bad weather. However, he's always big-hearted when we need him to be.


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