We've been saying it since Snowvember. "Hillbilly Weatherman, where the 'F' are you?  Yuh, things have been pretty mild this winter over all. And finally, it looks like we're get a for real big time ragin' mess a sh*t! We thought maybe we'd get a report from our favorite foul-mouthed forecaster by now.

But you know what? Honestly he's been too busy to get around to it. Now with a monster storm set to pummel us this weekend, we are proud to announce that Adam Evans better known to Blimpville as the very friggin' funny Hillbilly Weatherman of New Hampshire will return!

Here's the official message posted on his Facebook page. And make sure you read the comment thread from fans, some are hilarious just like the weather guy we love best!

The last time we got a report was for that Nor'easter in March 2018. This is also a disturbing reminder that winter will likely drag on. Ugh!

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