We are pumped to hear our good friend, Adam Evans (better known as the Hillbilly Weatherman) will return with his one of a kind reporting this winter! He made the announcement on his Facebook page. He also wants to make you know about an annual event coming this weekend called, Extreme Chunkin'.  "You know, the guys that take the f-in' pumpkins...and whip the f-in' things in air." Now that's the way we celebrate the season here in the Northeast!


WARNINGIf you are one of the few that are new to the Hillbilly Weather Report, we caution you that he uses lots of colorful language. In other words, he talks like you and me. Anyhow, he’s a wicked good fella from New Hampshire and at the end of the forecast, he always reminds us to “have a good day”.

Let's watch how the Hillbilly welcomed Autumn last year.

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