We are still buzzing from an epic Blimp A to Z this year. It was out 30th annual trip through the Blimp archives and one of our best evah, thanks to you. In case you missed it, the Guru had a magical moment in the "t" section of A to Z. In the "The" section. It was when we played The Story in Your Eyes by the Moody Blues. By most standards, a pretty damn good song. But for WBLM it is the beginning. The very FIRST song we played as a rock station in 1973. It was a moment that would change Maine radio forever. The beginning of the Blimp!

The Guru also played our original sign-on. You will hear Jim Mitchell, some say he's the "M" on WBLM. And then you will hear the very first WBLM DJ. The great Steve Hoad. We have met Mainers over the years that just happened to come across this historic rock and roll moment in the middle of the night. You can hear it here:


And the very first song on the air? The Moody Blues "The Story In Your Eyes."


Back then WBLM was at 108 on your FM dial. We didn't have any digital FM tuners yet so we just rounded up. Then we got more specific with 107 and 1/2.  Then with the advent of digital tuners, you could lock us in at 107.5. Years later, we would swap with 107.5 and go to the more powerful 102.9 signal. 100,000 watts, baby. The most allowed by law!

The original 108 Bumpah Sticka







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