Can you believe March is done? We are looking back to some of the weirdest Maine vanity license plates that we saw this month on the ultimate site for Maine plates; Vanity of Maine. Morgan and his crew go all over the Pine Tree State looking for the wacky, wild, and sometimes extremely profane vanity plates.

Maine Vanity Plate Rules

You may not know but in Maine, you can put ANYTHING on your license plate as long as you can get away with it in seven characters or less. Some folks are thinking about changing that rule, so get your freak on while you can get it Mainers!

The Weirdest Maine Plates of March

Here are just a handful to get you going. Many more HERE

This first one is right off the Weird Scale. Why is your love of consumption for V8 juice something you want to share with the rest of the world? Is it because of the color of your car? Do you have a V8 engine? I'm flummoxed on this one.


If you are not from Maine, this might come off as weird. But with March having Maine Maple Sunday each March, I had to include it.




This is cute. I like this one! The perfect vanity plate.


This one freaked me out a little. You're a hunter, I get it. But, you're



I thought this was right off the weird scale until I read (and searched) the stuff on the back window. A novel way to advertise!



Count how many times you say this about other motorists today. Nice one.


We have seen many different incarnations of this phrase on Maine plates. This one-simple yet effective. Oh, and thank you for your service.




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