Here we go! Another round of hilarious and sometimes confusing Maine vanity license plates from the curation and collection of Morgan the Great from Vanity of Maine, Morgan has put together the largest collection of Maine plates anywhere. And in Maine, you can say ANYTHING you want on your long as you can do it in 7 characters or less. Let's check out this week's collection...


In the "Death to All But Metal" department...



What do you think this is about? I don't think it's a song lyric. Hmmm. Did this dude keep count of all his girlfriends over the years? We are flummoxed on this one.


This weirded us out until we checked out our the sweet car that Poo Joe was driving. Get it? Bonjour Poo Joe!


He likes big butts and he cannot lie...Good for you, bub.



CHEATER!!!! Gotts use 7 characters or we will call you out. Although this was creative.


Right back at ya.


Aw. Do we really have to end on such a down note this week? Do you really have to drive around in public telling thousands of people that they suck? I mean, even if it's true and stuff? Well, we don't think you suck, because you made it all the way through this article. See ya next week with more plates from Vanity of Maine!

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