I made sure to spend some time in the backyard last night to enjoy the warm breezes blowing through our towering arborvitaes. Could of sworn I heard a peeper in the distance too. The past few days of above normal readings on the thermometer were a weird yet welcome climate to start off the month of November. It was easy to forget that winter is lurking and will no doubt ambush us before we know it.

We've had it all this fall. You know the old Maine saying. "Don't like the weathah? Wait a minute, it'll change."  I'm pretty sure I remember wearing shorts into October then I quickly had to dig the flannel out when a chill filled the air that gave way to snow for some Maine towns on Halloween weekend.

Cold snowy weather is very likely to arrive once again and stay for awhile. I don't ever recall a year when Old Man Winter didn't come back to visit us. For some Mainahs, winter is an unwanted guest that refuses to leave when we've had enough. For the Mainers that love skiing, snowmobiling and whatnot, winter is the guest that you actually wouldn't mind having move in.

Well it looks like the Maine winter lovers are going to be psyched to hear what's headed our after some record breaking warmth.

First of all check out some of these incredible November temps from our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray.

Now look at what's coming soon after temps get closer to normal. Below normal cold is in the forecast for Maine next week.

Temperatures will likely dip to the 30s by the middle of next week. You might say "That ain't wicked cold like your headline reads." I tell ya what though. After the time we just had in near 70 around here, your bones might tell you otherwise.

Ok. Now I definitely need to get the AC out of the bedroom window and give in turning on the thermostat. Here we go Blimpville. Be ready.

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