31 years ago, the lovely Wilson sisters made a stop in Portland as they were riding the wave of a huge comeback.  After moving to their new label Capitol Records in 1985, they released the album Heart. This was definitely the album to put them back on top, going number one and selling five million copies. It featured the singles: What About Love”, “Never”, “Nothin’ At All” and “These Dreams” (the only single to go to number one, sung by Nancy). Heart rocked Blimpsters live, six times from 1978-1986. The concert on May 8, 1986 was their third sold-out show at the Civic Center.

In recent news, the future of Heart became questionable after reports of an assault involving Ann's husband and Nancy's children. Hopefully Ann, Nancy and family are continuing to heal their relationship.

Watch the official video for Never and bask in the awesomeness of those incredible puffed up 80s hair extensions.


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