By far it is safe to assume that Tom Brady is THE luckiest Man on Earth. BUT, as far as being the best quarterback in NFL Football of all time, well, we know he earned it. It's the offseason for TB12, and he is putty in his wife's hands. On top of those 5 rings, and trophies he has won, I think his greatest win was snagging the biggest Supermodel on Earth, Gisele Bundchen

Last night was the annual Met Gala in New York City, where fashion is celebrated. Each year, the biggest names in entertainment, modeling, sports head for the red carpet in some pretty extreme get-ups. Tom and Gisele have been invited quite a few times over the years. But, last night, boy did they shine! Try not to drool ladies and gentlemen while you enjoy this clip of them on the red carpet in all their gorgeous glory!

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