Man In Black says "No" to Man In White (House)... -- Inescapable sing-along '70's classic to drive you bonkers... -- How to end a marriage...

Headshot of Johnny Cash Singing
J.C., c 1969. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

4/17/1970 (47 years ago today) - Johnny Cash is getting ready to perform at The White House after being invited by then-President Richard Nixon, who asks him to play one of his favorite Man In Black songs "Okie From Muskogee" -- Johnny politely declines was not his song, but had been a hit for Merle Haggard. Tricky Dick has to settle for "A Boy Named Sue" instead.

4/17/1971 (48 years ago today) - You couldn't go anywhere without hearing it, enough to drive ya nuts...: Three Dog Night start six weeks in a row at No. 1 with the mind-numbing-can't-get-it-out-of-your-head classic "Joy To The World" -- The song eventually morphs into one of those rare ditties that you can experience clear-as-day-straight-through about it! You can hear it now, can't you? Try to get through the rest of your day without that chorus popping up several more times...

4/17/1983 (36 years ago today) - Felix Pappalardi, bass player and producer for Mountain (but probably best known for his production-studio-wizardry on those first three classic Cream albums) was shot dead by his wife Gail Collins in their East Side Manhattan apartment -- She was in a jealous rage over whether or not Felix had an affair, killing him with the derringer pistol that he gave to her as a gift just a few months earlier -- Gail was charged with second-degree murder, found guilty of "criminally negligent homicide", and sentenced to four years in prison.

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