33 years ago today, Aerosmith rocked a sold out show at the Civic Center. The tour was to support their comeback album Done With Mirrors which marked the return of Joe Perry (who left the band in 1979) and Brad Whitford (who exited in 1981).

This was a comeback that assured their hardcore fans that the real thing remained intact and the heart was still beating loudly.

Of course their mainstream reemergence really kicked in with Permanent Vacation two years later following the success of the Walk This Way remake with Run DMC.

This concert was the 7th of 11 appearances by the 'Bad Boys of Boston' at the CCCC. Aerosmith sure has been good Blimpville over the years...thanks fellas!  


Ted Nugent opened most of the dates to support his little Miss Dangerous album, including this epic night in Portland on April 16, 1986.

Watch this outrageous 'lost' footage from Boston's UHF answer to MTV, V66 from 32 years ago!  It opens with NSFW out takes and then the actual stuff that ended up being broadcast. The first few minutes are wicked inappropriate and funny! Tyler is relentless on Perry like an annoying teenage boy.  

And remember this epic collaboration from the summer of '86?

Ummm...the Vegas residency to celebrate 50 years is off to an amazing start. This one'll make you saddle sore!


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