He was a singer, a songwriter, a record producer, an arranger, an actor and a painter born David Jones in Brixton, London, England on January 8, 1947. Was there anything this guy couldn't do?  He was the definition of a true artist in every sense of the word and an inspiration to countless fans all over the planet. The great David Bowie gave the world 50 years of an amazing career that was always cha-cha-cha changing with every project. We started off last year with the shocking news that he had died after a battle with cancer.  A year later, it still hurts. If you need to cry today, don’t hold back. Bowie had such a tremendous positive impact in our lives and he is worth every teardrop.

Happy 70th Birthday to the Thin White Duke from the Big Blue Blimp!

Join us tonight at 6:20 for a WBLM Mini-Concert with David Bowie.

Watch David as Ziggy live on the Midnight Special in 1973 performing Space Odditythis might be the best thing ever!

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