Alrighty Blimpville, it’s St, Paddy’s Day. So, AS IF we’re not rockin’ live with our favorite band from Dublin tonight!
39 years ago today, Saint Patrick’s Day 1978, U2 won a talent show. The prize was cash and studio time. The demo they recorded was later heard by CBS Records in Ireland. A very lucky day in U2 history and an important step towards eventually becoming one of the biggest bands in the world, ever.

Join us tonight for live U2 at 6:20 on the WBLM Mini-Concert!

Watch U2 perform on St. Paddy’s Day at the Garden in Boston in 1992, complete with Zoo TV footage…I was there with a bunch of Blimpsters! Were you? Bono greets the crowd saying, “I’ve never been in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day…now I know why! You bastards are louder than the band!”

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