33 years ago, the Talking Heads came to the Civic Center in Portland on their Speaking in Tongues tour.  My old friend Rory Hersom was there on August 6, 1983. I was so jealous of him at the beginning of the new school year, because he was wearing a concert t-shirt from this show walking the halls of Cony High, and I was not. It still wicked bugs me today that I wasn’t there! Friggin' Rory.

Join us in the Big Red Love Van tonight at 6:20 for a Stop Making Sense Mini-Concert!

The Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense film  is definitely one of my top 5 concert movies of all time. It was released digitally a couple years back. Might be time for you to stream that suckah!

Tonight after work, it’s David Byrne bringin' the funk punk with his BIG SUIT and live Talking Heads!