We are bringing you an encore presentation Bimpstock all day on Sunday. No concerts? no problem. We've got 12 hours of LIVE Classic Rock from the legendary Blimp archives.


Now with any great concert, you have to take a stroll to the merch table. We have some pretty cool stuff too! Check out our limited-edition Blimpstock T-shirts for sale. 

Celebrate the ONLY concert that happened in the Spring of 2020 with this special T-shirt.  WBLM's 12-hour Ultimate Classic Rock LIVE Show was EPIC! And you can say you were "there." Even if you were just sitting on your couch!

We have both Men's and Women's styles in all sizes.

And here's the best part, A portion of the proceeds from these shirts will go to the Good Shepherd Food Bank to help stop hunger in Maine.

Three Rock and Roll Colors to choose from- Asphalt----Smoke-----Black

And if you missed Blimpstock the first time around. No problem!





You didn't need a ticket for this radio-only concert. But we made em anyway! Print a pair out below and put them up somewhere to show your love for rock and roll. It may just be a collector's item someday!

With this ticket, there are no service charges and everyone gets FRONT ROW SEATS



We made a wicked cool concert poster too. Download it for free and put up on the frig and get ready for the greatest concert evah!



And here's the ENCORE poster: YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE


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