Well we just got through prom season and high school graduation time in Maine will be here soon. That's gettin' me all nostalgic and going through my 1985 Coniad yearbook. So fun to see all the Augusta peeps with their mullets, big round glasses and even a few Blimp t-shirts! I’ll tell ya what though. This wicked rad video takes it to the next level. It'll give ya the hungah for your youngah daze.

WVII Channel 7 outta Bangor used to tape shows on Saturdays at the Bounty dance club and broadcast them on Sundays. The kids dancing on the Bounty Bandstand show were from area high schools and it was hosted by legendary local morning radio star, Mighty John Marshall.


Chem-free dance parties were all the rage around Maine in the 80’s. In Augusta, we used to shake it all night long at Rachel’s. Maybe you didn’t go to school with these exact kids, but they absolutely will remind you of people you grew up with. Bask in the glory of 80’s ‘shoulder dancing’ Maine teens cuttin’ a rug to classics from John Parr, ZZ Top, Loverboy and more! Big thanks to You Tube user, Ken Talon for putting this up.

We could watch this video all day. Yeah, it's over a half hour long. But we bet you'll stay for the whole thing. It's wicked mesmerizing, bub. See anybody you know?

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