The first impossibly adorable babies of 2020 were born last week at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland. That news always reassures us that spring has actually arrived here in Maine.

But ya know it's April, so it's easy to be seduced into thinking warm weather is here to stay.

For instance, Sunday we were playing basketball in the driveway in t-shirts. Now two days later, we're bundled up again to stave off the cold of that wicked wind.

The newborn sweeties at Sunflower Farm have also had to cover up.

We're not complaining at all, though. What's cuter than a bunch of week-old goats hopping around the barnyard? Well, a bunch of week-old goats hopping around the barnyard in sweaters of course.

Here's an update from our friend Hope at Sunflower Farm:

"Oh my word were the goat kids HOPPY today!!! I had to share their crazy playtime! If every goat has babies tomorrow may have to skip a day of YouTube (I am really trying to post once a day this spring because I know everyone needs extra goat time with all that is going on!) so this is a bonus one just in case I get swamped! Tomorrow the farm is likely to get really crazy with 8 goats due over one week! Have a HOPPY DAY! Hang in there friends. Not much we can do about the state of the world right now which is undeniably filled with uncertainty, but life goes on around us humans, full of hope and joyful delight. Hopefully we can all find a moment today to tap into it! Big Love from the farm!"

Get ready to say "Awwwwwww."  You're welcome.


You can also check in on the babies and mumma with the the Sunflower Farm Live Cam.

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