There was a  time in the early eighties when designer jeans were wicked popular. Skin-tight classics from Guess, Sasson, Jordache (or we called 'em in Augusta, Jord-ass), Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein cost way more, but back then we were happy to spend Mom and Dad's money for the label. The designer jean craze like most fads, became so big it was absurd. So it's no wonder that it was made fun of. I remember hearing this wicked funny fake commercial on the WBLM Morning Show way back then. It's for Katahdin Jeans from fashion maven, Pierre Katahdin. These jeans are especially for Mainers. They feature a 'black fly' in front and extra room in the back that reveals 'twin peaks' when said Mainer bends over, just like the mighty mountain of Aroostook County. You'll be signing this jingle all weekend. "Kat-tah-din Jeeeeeeaaaaans. Kah-tah-din Jeeeeeeaaaaans..." Wonder if I can find a pair at Reny's?

I hear the Wicked Good Band is still a thing. We need some new laughs from these dubbers!

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