Here in Maine, lots of people like to get on the ice for something to do in the winter months. We strap on skates and glide across the ice. We dig a hole in the ice and catch fish. We hop on snowmobiles and go wicked fast on the ice.

Now we've stumbled on a heart-pounding winter sport that may not be new to some of you, but it's the first time for us. Ronald Gilbert of Bath posted this video to Facebook of some high-speed fun on the ice in Richmond over the weekend.

In the comment thread Ronald explains,

"I make custom tires for sportbikes to take out on frozen lakes and race against snowmobiles."

Watch him Send It with those hardcore spiked tires diggin' in and leavin' a long mark! By the way, we can't wait to see a race against a snowmobile...Bring it, guy!

Thanks again to our friends at the Maine As F*ck Facebook page for getting this sick vid out there.

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