It's always fun to see when folks who don't live here, taste test the unique goodies found only in Maine.

It's even more fun when then the folks doing it are adorable people from Ireland. We love the charming way the accents almost sing when they speak. They probably find our Yankee cadences and inflections irresistible as well...right?


The good looking cheerful Irish people in this video have agreed to take a chance and try some of Maine's snack food delicacies.

It's also great to see what they think of of us. Of course when they learn that today's topic involves Maine, the first thing that comes to mind for one of them is Stephen King.

Watch as they hilariously sample some stuff we Mainers are likely very familiar with and maybe some treats we haven't heard of yet.


  • A dark chocolate/cashew/ Maine blueberry candy bar called a Whippersnapper from Bixby's in Rockland
  • Chocolate covered blueberries from Wilbur's of Maine in Freeport
  • And of course to wash it all down, the official soft drink of Maine, Moxie (wait till you hear what they say after that taste test)

This video is NSFW because as you will see, the Irish use the F-bomb as much as we do.

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