A few years back, we featured an infomercial parody promoting the Yoga for Yankees exercise DVD.

One of the moves they teach you is 'The Black Fly' to loosen up those arms and swat 'em away.

Now, here's New Hampshire humorist Fred Marple with a little numbah we can all commiserate to. This parody song complains about the yearly invasion of those awful, pesky biters, Black Flies.

He sings it to the music of a familiar the warm weather standard, Blue Skies made popular by Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson and others.

"Never seen bugs stubborn as this...bites on my face, welts on my wrist."

Somebody spray me down head to toe with some repellent...STAT!!!

Last week we found a funny Facebook live video from a Mom in Norway, Maine.

Her name is Danielle Wadsworth and she got famous pretty quickly with her genius hat trick to keep black flies out of your face.

Fred Marple might want to give this a look before he heads back out to do any more yard work.

If you haven't seen this yet, you should too. The video has received 15,000 views and counting. Watch and you'll see why.

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