The Hillbilly Weatherman, Adam Evans shares his special recipe for an adult beverage that’s perfect for the holidaze in New England.

With an ingredient list that includes apple juice and cider, dark brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, spiced rum and more, this cocktail is perfectly suited for the 2020 Decembah Bendah.


The Hillbilly is in the kitchen whippin' up a concoction and explaining how "it ain't f-in brain surgery, ya know."

And don't rush it! "You gotta let it simmah 'bout an hour, hour 'n a half." Adam kindly puts a grocery list together for us so we don't miss out on any of the essential ingredients. You'll find that at the end of the video so we know

He is the excellent example of the Northeast Everyman. If you don't know him, we're pretty confident that you know someone just like him. That someone might even be you.

We gotta believe we’ll be seeing more videos from the pride of Francistown, NH as we get deeper into winter. He's put out 3 so far this season and you can watch them here. 

We love his ‘straight and to the point’ reports peppered with plenty of ‘colorful’ adverbs, adjectives and good ol’ authentic Northern New England pronunciation.

Now let’s hit the sauce!

WARNING: This and every Hillbilly Weatherman video is NSFW!  

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