Well it’s about time. We haven’t seen a new video from our favorite (and only) foul-mouthed forecaster since the first of the year!

There's a Nor'eastah on the way tonight and the Hillbilly Weatherman breaks it down for us so we all know what to expect. He continues his tradition of delivering the weather straight and to the point in his unique plain spoken way...unique for a weather forecaster that is.

We love how he narrows down the impending storm like this!

  • 'S' for the Storm-which is a Nor'easter
  • 'H'  for How-which is moisture from the South
  • 'I' for Intensity-there'll be lots of wind
  • 'T' for Timing-which will be overnight

Anyway you slice it, we got another "batch of sh*t"  comin' through

WARNING: E-man’s mouth is about as dirty as the snow on the roadside with lots of F-Bombs. But he’s a wicked good fella from New Hampshire who at the end of the forecast always reminds us to “have a good day”.

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