I'm flashing back to 1978-ish. Still today, I can't help but get a big smile when memories of standing in front of my mirror and singing "something for young and old...streets a paved with money, sidewalks paved in gold" into a hairbrush as my mic.

I was trying my best to sound like the voice I heard on my Sony AM/FM receiver with built-in turntable and cassette deck.

I was of course listening to the Blimp and the soulful gravel I was trying to imitate was Maine music legend, Bill Chinnock. In my mind, I sounded just like him.

If anybody else had been around to hear me, they likely wouldn't agree with that. Remember I was 11, still years away from becoming a baritone.

Look all I know is I loved hear Bill Chinnock on WBLM. That's how I had always associated him. Because not only was I years away from my voice changing, I was even further away from being allowed to see him live. Most of the places he played back then were serving alcohol, so no shows for little Gu.

So this video I stumbled upon this week is especially cool to see since it includes electrifying live footage of Bill Chinnock and his band blazing white-hot at The Great Northeast Music Hall in Portland, Maine circa 1981.

The video also features an some interview bits done by the Maine Broadcasting System. That was WCSH in Portland and WLBZ in Bangor.

Bill Chinnock was a gift to Maine rockers when he moved here in the 70s and decided to call it home. We still get requests for his music these days on WBLM, particularly his best known song Dime Store Heroes.

Sadly, he's been gone for 13 years now and we miss him.

WBLM is honored to help keep his music legacy alive.

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