It's time for some laughs with our good buddy, Teagan Wright. He's back with his friggin' Sternman character comin' to us from a lobstah boat somewhere along the Maine coast near Harpswell. The improvisational comedy series is one of our favorite things on Facebook.

You'll love this guy's Maine accent as he proudly displays a monstah lobby big enough to keep ya wahm this wintah.

The Sternman also rants about how he should of paid better attention in math class even though we nevah use the quadratic formula that we learned about in school or as he says, "quadriatic".

Then he introduces us to the new guy on the boat. The wind and waves are pretty rowdy so it turns out to be a brutal first day out for him. Our deepest sympathies to the new guy.

Careful who you play video around. It contains salty Maine language and is NSFW.

Fans of Teagan's Maine TV adventure/travel show "From Away" will be psyched to know that it's back for a 3rd season Saturday nights on Maine's CW.

The "sumthin' fierce" Maine mini-series debuted the first season in the spring of 2017 on Portland's Fox 23. Brunswick native Teagan Wright has taken us all over Vacationland to the tough as nails people who help make our state the best place on Earth.

Teagan has covered stories about everything from blueberries to potatoes to scallops to beahs and much more.

ICYMI...Here's the 1st episode from the new season.


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