Next week Portland port comic, Ian Stuart heads to NYC to participate in "Skankfest" one of the world's premiere comedy festivals. He'll be rubbing elbows with headliners the likes of  Artie Lang, Jim Gaffigan, Reggie Watts, Ari Shaffir and  many more. Ian's big bit will be  "The Naked Roast". It is exactly what you think. Roasters like Ian will battle other roasters with jokes, totally nude. So, he's brushing up on his insults in the Old Port to get ready for the festival. Sorry, no naked dude in the vid, though.

WARNING: This video contains highly inappropriate material. If you are a wuss or a near a wuss. Do not press play. For the rest of us, this sh*t is wicked funny.


Here's the first Free Insults video he did last summer where he went after tourists.



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