Yeah with all the adjusting to the new normal last week, we missed this too. Let's take a moment to receive the healing silliness of the one and only Gronk. That lovable, mischievous personality of his was on full display. Rob Gronkowski danced his way into an empty stadium after a wildly raucous screaming introduction from his buddy Mojo Rawley.

The wicked popular former tight end for the New England Patriots is the one man party machine we all need right now.

It's pretty evident that Gronk won't have any trouble if he ends up at home alone like most of us. A man who can entertain in an empty stadium, likely has no problem keeping himself amused.

Watch his super Gronky dancing entrance when he was welcomed as a new host in the WWE ring this past Friday night. Might have to try some of these moves in the living room, too fun.

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