Doctors have always told us that hand washing is in the front line of defense against getting sick.

It was either a doctor or my mom who taught me, that to wash my hands thoroughly it's good idea to sing the Happy Birthday song and scrub 'em until the lyrics are done.

After watching this recent video from the CDC, I learned that we should be washing our hand for a good 20 seconds. I timed myself singing Happy Birthday and it only took about 11 seconds. So from now on, I'll sing it twice before I shut the faucet off.

The other thing I've always thought was, that hands should be washed with warm water. The video just taught me that cold water is fine too, as long as it's clean.

So I guess I don't have to get frustrated anymore when I use a restroom when I'm shopping and there's only cold water running in that public sink, right?

Right, says the CDC. Clean water and soap for at least 20 seconds should do trick just fine.

Other questions we might have like...What's better? Bar soap or liquid soap? Plain soap or antibacterial? The answers might surprise you.

This video does a terrific job of explaining the proper way to wash our hands . Be well, Blimpsters.



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