Maybe you where there to witness glorious, sweaty shows with these guys at The Loft in Portland years ago. Or maybe you saw them open for ZZ Top in 1977 cementing their place in Maine concert history as the first band to ever play at the Cumberland County Civic Center.

They are the legendary Maine and New Hampshire rock outfit, The Blend (originally White Mountain National Blend). The Blend was led by singer and guitarist James 'JD' Drown. The powerhouse band included Steven Dore on guitar, Ken Holt on bass, Donnie 'DP' Pomber on guitar/piano and Skip Smith on drums.

In the Seventies, these Kennebunkport and Fryeburg country rockers were the #1 bar band around before signing with MCA Records in 1978. Their music was such a huge part of growing up in Maine for most of us over 50 kids. The self-titled 1977 debut and 1979 major label release, Anytime Delight remain an essential part of the WBLM A to Z Archives.

40 something years ago we fondly recall a magical time when The Blend along with contemporaries like Bill Chinnock, proved that artists from Maine could make it to the national stage. Back in the day, the pioneering WBLM DJs were fully committed to exposing these great local artists in the mix with the likes of Skynyrd, Zeppelin, and Aerosmith

We remain proud of our history with The Blend and are more than happy to get their great songs on the air today when Blimpsters call for them. And believe us when we say, they still do! The most popular Blend request to this day is The Prize from Anytime Delight. 

Just before Christmas, a loyal fan named Bill Pryor put up their entire farewell show on YouTube. What a great gift to all the Friends of The Blend as we start the New Year!

This is a live performance from Whittier, New Hampshire in August of 1982.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us all, Bill. We love it! Now let's jam and get airborne!

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